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Matthew B. - Chicago, IL

"Dr. Greenberg is one of the best doctors I've ever had in my 34 years on this earth. This man literally gave me my life back; I truly believe that being in his care even helped save my job. If you're looking for a good doctor in this specialty please give him a shot. Call early in the morning :-) p.s. Some people on here may see the 8:45 am. calls as inconvenient by I profoundly disagree; calling at a specific time for scheduling purposes is a small price to pay for always being able to get your doctor on the phone."

Susan W. – Chicago, IL

“I recommend Dr. Sheldon Greenberg highly to anyone who is seeking a psychiatrist. Dr. Greenberg took a personal interest in me as a patient and human being. He made me feel that I was cared for personally and mentally. His insights have been inspirational He is a great human being. Dr. Greenberg always has an open schedule available. I hardly ever have to wait for him so he is prompt on getting me in to see him. He returns calls promptly and has made excellent recommendations in regards to medication as well as living everyday life. When I was hospitalized for major depression he was available to talk with me and coordinated the best possible care with the doctor who was treating me. He assured me that I was in excellent care. His reassurance helped stabilize my mental health. He is absolutely the best psychiatrist that I have ever seen. He is highly recommended.”

Debbie R. – Chicago, IL

“Suffering from depression for many years, I was thrilled when antidepressants offered tremendous relief. Too many unknowns to maneuver and much misinformation often lead to wasted time, money-eventually, despair. “Dr. Greenberg’s years of experience, passion and knowledge of what the newest research implies all become apparent when sitting in his presence.” Measuring success in mental wellness cannot be quantified like blood pressure. This no-nonsense-I-can-and-will-help-you-but-there-is-no-magic-wand healer will not provide false elation: I AM CURED!-only to find yourself in a sobbing heap when you encounter a stressor that knocks you upside the head. There simply is no one-size-fits-all answer. Yoga, mindfulness and/or prescribed medication, talk therapy there are many tools out there to help one reach a level playing field. Finding a trusted healer of Dr. Greenberg’s caliber to assess and guide you-well, this is something rare. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”

John H. – Lake Forest, IL

“Dr. Sheldon Greenberg has been the most effective addiction psychiatrist I have seen. He is responsible for me taking the steps necessary to get my life back on track. He from the start focused on the core issues and had me focus on fixing those before I could begin to deal with the issues in my life that I originally went to see him for. I cannot recommend Dr. Greenberg highly enough. You just have to make an appointment to see him to know what I mean.”

Barbara B. - Chicago, IL

“Dr. Greenberg treats my family with care, compassion, and good information. During an especially upsetting life event, my children needed help to combat anxiety. It runs in our family, but the event had made it worse. My children trust Dr. Greenberg and so do I. He has helped us immensely, not just with his expertise in the field, but also by giving us referrals to professionals in other areas. We are grateful for his help.”

Brett S. - Chicago, IL

“I've been dealing with 2 herniated/ degenerated discs for two years before researching Dr. Greenberg's great reviews (until isolated recent poor review), and have been a patient for pain management as well as a psychiatrist for over 6 months. I've been completely pain med free for about two months now and for the first time in the two years I've been suffering with this injury! He has been safely and consciously treating my pain medication dependency for almost 6 months now. Thanks Greenberg Psych!!!”

Meggan S. - Chicago, IL

“Dr. Greenberg has been my psychiatrist for almost two years. Prior to Dr. Greenberg I never found a physiatrist to listen to me, what I was experiencing and more important what was or was not working for me. Dr. Greenberg takes time to listen to me every time I see him. I never feel rushed, judged, or like I am just another patient. I actually feel the opposite, that I am talking with someone who cares about me as a whole person and wants the best for me. I cannot express how my life has changed for the better since I have been seeing Dr. Greenberg, he is truly a life saver.”